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June 5-9
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August 5-11

What we do
Break Free helps you develop the tools to identify and create more of what you want in life, and reduce or eliminate the things that you don’t. We are committed to the fundamental principal that ‘better is possible’ for all people.

Go beyond positive thinking.

Even when everything seems to be going well and we’re feeling successful, we don’t realize how we hold ourselves back and how fulfilling our lives really could be.

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Training with depth and experience.

Meet our well trained facilitators. Break Free Seminars teaches simple tools in a simple manner to create profound change in one’s life. The training cuts across all economic, educational and cultural barriers and it will meet you where you’re at.

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Break Free Seminar Series

Break Free Seminars is a three-part series of programs that teach you how to apply simple tools that have a profound effect on your life.  It begins with accountability.

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What people are saying

"Break Free is and always has been the beginning of addressing intergenerationaltrauma. Very inspiring and opens your heart to see yourself as who you trulyareaccepting and embracing it all.

Shelley W.

"When I started this journey, I never thought it would give me so much; acommunity, self-esteem and a bright future.

Martine G.

"My time here was amazing! I feel free and have let go of the past!"

Jandell N.

"I’m 18 years old and this program has helped me find a sense of who I am andwhat I’m capable of!"

Jelisa L.

"It is honestly 110% Creator sent! Absolutely the best gift you can give to yourself…"

Kimberly L.

"So powerful! I was encouraged to step out from behind my shield and accept allmy truths."

Latishia B.

"Phenomenal delivery of tools we can use to help ourselves."

Laurie W.

"I am a guy that thinks “I have my s#&t together; there’s nothing that can help me heal”…boy was I wrong! An eye opening, power replenishing seminar!"

Joe W.

"This 5-day experience was life changing for me – equal to wedding, births and now Break Free! My smile now comes from the inside out not to mask what is inside."

Karen B.

"I went from a lost and cold man to a patient and happy man in just five daysbecause I played hard and gave it my all."

Tyler M.
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